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My Songs.

Barrie gets inspiration from the happenings in our world and the feeling it gives. He crafts these songs with some imagination and a lot of heart, sharing a story.

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“Cry For Awhile” is a well-crafted, folk/rock tune that displays Dempsey’s skills as a solid vocalist and songwriter. The song starts with an acoustic guitar intro, and then Dempsey’s soulful, expressive lead vocals come in. Then in the chorus, he adds good harmony vocals that gives the chorus a hooky feeling.

-Dale Kawashima

Songwriters Universe, June 8, 2019

“With a distinct textured voice, flawless acoustic arrangements and a clear penchant for creating unforgettable hooks, Barrie Dempsey has crafted a masterful collection of songs that are sure to endure.”

- The Akademia Music Awards, (Mar 15, 2015)​

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